Jungle Mural

About 5' x 5', this Jungle mural was painted on closet doors to liven up a baby's nursery. Who wouldn't want friends like these watching over you when you are going to bed at night?

Dear Milli-$40 prints

This is a watercolor interpretation of "Dear Mili" by Wilhelm Grimm (author of such favorites as "Snow-White," "Cinderella," and "Rumpelstiltskin"). The story tells of the magical journey a little girl takes when her mother sends her into the woods to escape a terrible war. Origionally written in a letter in 1816, the story was not available to the public until 1983. The first edition was published in 1988, with beautiful illustrations by Maurice Sendak.

Snuggle Bunnies- $30

These cute bunnies are my ideal version of the perfect baby toy. Made of soft fleece with ears lined in satin, this wonder toy is the perfect size for little arms to cuddle and carry. The best part? They are machine washable and dryable! Choose your own color and material combinations.

Personalized Child Stool-$70

This stool was made for my niece's second birthday, but I would be happy to create a unique design just for your special child. The dimentions are approximately eight inches tall and twelve inches wide.

Customized Watercolor Pet Portraits- $70

These customized animal protraits were made for family and friends, but I would happily create unique portraits of your pets in any dimension.

Bella's completed mural- approx. 6' x 8'

A fairy-kingdom complete with antlope, rabbits, fish, turtles, bears, a unicorn, a cat, a dog, a mouse, and two mysterious sets of eyes peering out of the cave. I hope that Bella and her family enjoy looking at it as much as I have enjoyed painting it! I would be happy to look at your space and develope a mural plan with you.

Menagerie Table-$500

Approximatly 2 feet high with a top that is 3x3, I have painted animals from around the world on the perimeter. The perfect size for little ones to color, play, or write on!

World Dresser-$1200

This dresser was purchased from an eighty-five-year-old man who first remembers it being used in his childhood nursery when he was about two years of age. After his children and grandchildren grew up, he was finally ready to let it go. He was very pleased when I purchased it and he learned that I was going to paint it so that it could continue its "child room" legacy.

I chose to paint the dresser with a theme of oneness- a series of pictures of families from around the world, including the arctic, Japan, Papua-New Guinea, the Sahara, and North America. I painted the top with a picture of Earth and a a quote from one of my favorite prayers.

While this dresser is one of a kind, I would be happy to paint your dresser or chest with a similar theme.

Lilac and Posey Endtable- $175

This endtable was built by my Papa Harold, a talented carpenter. I remember it being in my house as a little girl; by the time it came into my possession, the top was slightly burned by a fallen candle and it was in dire need of refinishing. After about 20 hours (six of them spent sanding and releveling the top!) it was completed.

Close-up of the top-

and one of the posey details.

The Life of Dreams- $20 prints

This whimsical piece (colored pencil on paper) was part of my art show at Luther. It was inspired by the book "The Starcleaner Reunion" by Cooper Edens.

Three Cats- $15 prints

"Three Cats" (pastel on paper) was an attempt to capture the various attitudes my cats display when faced with a new toy: frightened (Ping), curious (Toodles), indifferent (Pongo).