Salvaged Chair- $175

This is a picture of an old barn chair that I rescued from a neighbor's garbage (with permission, of course!) and refinished to its current state of splendor.

It's rather hard to get a good shot of this, so I took a few close-ups, too!

I like the old-world antique look of the faded origional white paint, but Andy thinks it just looks old. Comments?


Will & Kate said...

This is really beautiful! I like the chipped paint look. But as a mom, I have to ask... is it lead-based paint?

Stalin said...

I also like the look of the chair!!! I feel I am misrepresented here.

Josie said...

Lead Paint? Honestly, I asked the original owners the same question, and they couldn't say for sure. I like the chair too much to pass it up, though, so I sanded it like crazy before painting on it, then I coated the whole thing in a very thick layer of spar varnish. At this point, the only way to get down to the original pain would be to cut the chair in half; that said, I would still warn anyone who wanted to buy the chair that they needed to watch for cracks or chips in the varnish because of the lead risk.

Will & Kate said...

I think a really thick layer of varnish would be fine to protect anyone from potential lead paint.

I'm sure there'd be much less exposure from this vanished chair than from your average toy made in China! (even the non-recalled ones!!!)

Brian Cooper said...

I also vote for more posts! I think there you have sales potential here -- custom gifts, etc.