World Dresser-$1200

This dresser was purchased from an eighty-five-year-old man who first remembers it being used in his childhood nursery when he was about two years of age. After his children and grandchildren grew up, he was finally ready to let it go. He was very pleased when I purchased it and he learned that I was going to paint it so that it could continue its "child room" legacy.

I chose to paint the dresser with a theme of oneness- a series of pictures of families from around the world, including the arctic, Japan, Papua-New Guinea, the Sahara, and North America. I painted the top with a picture of Earth and a a quote from one of my favorite prayers.

While this dresser is one of a kind, I would be happy to paint your dresser or chest with a similar theme.


Stalin said...

Did you rip off that old dude? Hope so.

Oh, and the dresser is awesome!! Still probably my favorite piece of furniture you have done - though the new stuff is amazing too :)

Will & Kate said...

WOW! I love this! How incredibly beautiful!!!!

thanks for posting pictures of it! You are so talented.

wch said...

Seriously, Josie, this stuff is so incredibly cool! There are people out there who will pay large sums of money for awesome art like that!

Have you thought about exhibiting at Art Fair On (or Off) the Square? Putting a piece at Happy Bambino? The Children's Hospital? You have to get your stuff out there so people can see it!

Will & Kate said...

Yes, I second Will's suggestions!

Look into Art Fair Off the Square and talk to the awesome people at the Happy Bambino!!


KrazyFranco said...

I like it. A lot. Go public.